Butte City Jail

The "Butte Bastille"

The Butte City Jail was constructed in 1890 along with City offices above, the Fire house, Police station and City court. Beneath the ground is the all-original 1890 jail designed to house 43 inmates with separate sections for drunks, ladies, real bad guys and "regular" inmates.

Robert (Evel) Knievel received his famous name here in 1956 while serving time with William (Awful) Knofel. Abandoned in 1971 the jail is now cleaned and opened as a museum including the thousands of bits of graffiti, original beds, toilets, water fountains and memorabilia from Butte's heydays. The jail was closed because of a suicide by hanging off the shower stall in 1971 but all the original fixtures, including the shower, are still there to be seen. Montana Standard article

The Old Jail is part of our City Underground Tour.


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