Dellinger Building

The bottom floor of this building was built as two buildings in the 1880's and has been know by the locals in Butte for decades as the Toggery clothing store. The upper business offices were built in the early 1890's and housed the Butte Adjustment Company (repossessions), Mrs. Penny’s Employment Office and the law offices of Charles F. Juttner and Mr. Fitzsgerald.

As the Toggery was remodeled in 1938 the stairs to the upper floor were cut away and not replaced. New stairs have just been completed and they will lead you to a time capsule from the mid 1930s showing these offices with much of their furnishings, fixtures and paperwork still in place. Learn more about C.F. Juttner as one of Butte’s prominent citizens, politician and judge. News article

The new Dellinger Tour explores the Law Offices (top floor, inaccessible since 1938), basement (artifacts and graffiti from 1899-1920 revealed in 2010), the pre-1884 overpass across the alley, and the storage/sleeping rooms in the building accessed through the overpass, as well as a walk around the building with astonishing Butte history in a single block.


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