Myra Block
Tony's Tin Shop

Housed in the lower portion of the Myra Building, the initial shop was built in 1914 and was only 12 feet deep and 20 feet wide. In 1920 Tony Cononica added the second floor and renamed the building the Myra after his wife. Tony had immigrated to Butte in 1882 and was of Swiss-Italian heritage. Today his grandson still owns the property and the family has been able to pass down many tidbits of history about the building and the owner.

Tony's son Frank ran the shop until the mid-1950s, still using the name of Tony the Tinman. Today the shop can be seen almost as if Tony had walked out the door in 1928 locked it and you just walked in almost 80 years later! Hear about a run-in with the law over a still, and how Myra backed down the garbage collectors with a shotgun! • Link to article in Montana Standard

Tony's Tin Shop is part of our East Walking Tour.


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